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I've been exercising this morning + scouring the web for articles about Cliff.

I found a recent one where Cliff talks a bit about crime. He was at Pages Bookstore at Cave Shepherd's Sunset Crest store where he signed his book "My life, My way" to adoring fans.
You can read the article here.

Another little piece of news: Cliff's site now recommends Spootify, a free facility for streaming music. Unfortunately it's per invite only. I've asked for an invite today to test the software and I am awaiting it in the mail. I will write a bit more about it when I have tested it.

There are, of course, new Cliff releases on 6 April: Japan Tour 1974, Rare B Sides 1963-1989, Lost and Found (From the archives), And They Said It Wouldn't Last (My 50 years in music). Go to this site for track lists. Looks like April will be an expensive month Cliff-wise. Geez, how many pools does the man need..

Cliff Richard - What's Love Got To Do It. I like this way better than Tina Turner's version. But then I would. I'm a Cliffie.

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