Cliff’s newest album

Big news, you guys. Cliff is working with Michael Omartian, Amy Grant’s long time producer, on a jazz style album!

Read the article here:


Magical Snap - 2008.10.26 13.21 - 016


The next time


OK guys, summer is here, at least outside my door here in Denmark. All of a sudden I found myself drawn to that clip of Cliff walking around the mountains wearing a net shirt. You know what I mean. I am sure the same has happened to you?

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t wear something similar these days? I can’t be the only one who misses that shirt.

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If you’d lighten up..

Hey guys, it’s pretty hard to keep this blog updated right now, perhaps cos there is just no really good Cliff news to report? Or is it just me getting totally left behind? I don’t know.

But for your entertainment, I’ve played around with a youtube video and added some fun effects. Hope you enjoy :-)



Let’s have a party


PLease answer this survey


Our first ever Cliff survey, please take time to fill it out, we’d really appreciate it!


Another little video tribute

Here’s a little thing I’ve done today:


Tell me what you think !

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