Why should the Devil have all the good music (documentary)

Here's a cool documentary from 1981:

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Cliff reads from the Bible


I cannot give you my love

Cliff sings "I cannot give you my love" at the Royal Variety Performance in 2004.

By the way, very nice to see the Eastenders guy again (forgot his name) - I haven't seen him for ages and he was always so cool on that show..so nice reunion there ;-)

And a bit of news:
Perhaps I should think of a last resting place that is more accessible to people.”

Cliff thinks about his final resting place..  :-(


She's so beautiful

She's So Beautiful - Cliff Richard

This is a beautiful Cliff song! I think it's nice to play in the spring time cos that's my favorite season when we get out of the darkness of winter and everything starts blooming once more.


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My life, my way

Cliff's book My Life, My Way will be published in paperback during the summer and there will also be an audio version read by Cliff.

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We don't talk anymore

What an awesome video!

Here's Cliff in a really yellow shirt :-)


Idle gossip

This is so nice. Cliff sings Idle gossip, I love you and Happy to make your acquaintance.

Was Idle Gossip ever recorded on an album?



Cliff sings "Jesus" from the "Help it along" album.

I always loved Cliff's gospel songs.


A little apology

I wanna apologize for not posting here very much. Let me bring all my heartfelt excuses: There isn't many Cliff news right now, I am busy with different Cliff groups on Facebook, I have two other blogs to write to (my English one and my Danish one) a.s.o. But they're not really valid excuses. I know.

Anyway, rest assured I am still a fan.

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I can't ask for any more

One of my personal favorites:



Happy Easter to all of you

Sorry for the silence on this blog. I've been away for a few days and also had a great visit from my son so I've had no chance to sit down to blog :-)

We want to wish all our blog readers a happy Easter with this song:



Cliff is singing in Leeds:


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