Cliff & Atomic Kitten & Steps!

Aww this is so cute I can't bear it:

Go Cliff!

And here he is singing with Steps:

Keeping up very well with the kids!

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TotallyCliff - be his buddy on Facebook

Facebook, Inc.Check out TotallyCliff on Facebook, Image via WikipediaSO sorry for not posting here for so long. I've had some problems at my private journal site but it's up and running now and I can concentrate on Sir Cliff once again.

I'm starting out with kind of a personal thing. This song always reminds me of my boyfriend who is right now over-seas.

Cliff news, you ask? If you're seriously fast, you can win Cliff's Time Machine Tour dvd here. All you have to do is name five Cliff songs. Easy for any Cliff fan! Deadline is January 30th so hurry!

Finally I want to promote one of my Facebook buddies. He's doing Cliff tribute shows:

Here he's singing "Twelfth of Never". Go to Facebook, search for TotallyCliff and add him as a buddy if you enjoy his performance!

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Why me, Lord

Absolutely breathtaking song, I think. I just love it.

Funny song

This is hilarious:


Our new comment system

A map of Earth showing lines of latitude (hori...Image via WikipediaA bit about our new comment system:

Right at the top of our blog, you will find the navigator - naturally to be used to navigate our blog - DUH!

First you will see the top picks, meaning the highest rated entries on our blog.

Then there's the hot button which will - in time - show the most visited entries.

Next there's the picks button which shows the URL's we visit mostly.

Next button is a poll that will of course change now and then - we will use it as a tool to find out stuff about our visitors and how they like the blog.

Last but not least there's the comment button which will show the latest comments to our entries.

From now on when you comment on our blog, you will be able to add smileys, your own photos and the last entry on your own blog will be shown.

It should be commenting more fun!

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A bit of news

Back with some pretty weird news. It seems a British radio station's website has been hijacked by Muslim extremists because the station had shown support for the British troops and played Cliff's "Hallelujah" on their website.

Read more here.

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Hello photo shoot

"I'm not gonna open it just for me". LOL!

Click here to watch a Hello magazine photo shoot with Cliff. It's funny biggrin


You've got to watch this, Cliff fans!

OH MY GOD, I AM SO EXCITED! Watch this great documentary about Cliff with clips never seen before - it is amazing, I am jumping up and down for joy. Go Cliff! It's weird, the man seems younger now than 30 years ago. How odd confused




Just a few pics


Cliff gives health tips

Back from a happy new year and we're looking forward to a new year of Cliff videos, pictures and news!

If you're interested in buying the new 2009 Cliff calendar, go to http://www.danilo.com and search for Cliff Richard.
They have calendars in different formats.

And I've found this wonderful article online where Cliff discusses how he has remained healthy during fifty years in showbiz. Cliff gives health tips and there's also a nice collage of photos from the fifties until now.

Read the article here.

We're looking forward to all your comments in the new year!

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