Cliff’s newest album

Big news, you guys. Cliff is working with Michael Omartian, Amy Grant’s long time producer, on a jazz style album!

Read the article here:


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The next time


OK guys, summer is here, at least outside my door here in Denmark. All of a sudden I found myself drawn to that clip of Cliff walking around the mountains wearing a net shirt. You know what I mean. I am sure the same has happened to you?

Anyway, I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t wear something similar these days? I can’t be the only one who misses that shirt.

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If you’d lighten up..

Hey guys, it’s pretty hard to keep this blog updated right now, perhaps cos there is just no really good Cliff news to report? Or is it just me getting totally left behind? I don’t know.

But for your entertainment, I’ve played around with a youtube video and added some fun effects. Hope you enjoy :-)



Let’s have a party


PLease answer this survey


Our first ever Cliff survey, please take time to fill it out, we’d really appreciate it!


Another little video tribute

Here’s a little thing I’ve done today:


Tell me what you think !

Cliff Blog’s very first video entry

We’re taking the Cliff blog to the very next level: Video blogging! It’s very exciting indeed. We’ll be video blogging about a bunch of different Cliff related subject and this first one is just a silly little test video to see how stuff works. A sort of learning experience for us, if you will. We still hope you’ll like it.








Please leave us your comments – and if you know of any really cool Cliff links, leave them here and I will post them to our link bar. Thanks!




How do you like it?

Red, Pink n Blue, I Love You!

Image by *MizzEl* via Flickr

Our new theme. I think it will make this site more popular, especially with the brand new toolbar at the bottom – you can use it to translate the blog, to navigate between posts and read random posts, you can join the new Facebook community, read my Twitters and subscribe to our rss feed with your preferred reader. All set up to make the Cliff blog more accessible, easy to navigate and exciting to visit.

The most current and thrilling news (like when Cliff leaves his house to go grocery shopping) will be posted both on the blog itself and also on our mini pop up window so you won’t miss it!

Please tell me what you think, guys. Just one last thing: Since I made my Youtube video about the Cliff blog, we have had lots more visitors, a bunch of subscribers and folks who have promised to visit frequently. I just wanna say how thankful I am and Helle and I will do our best to live up to your expectations.

I’m thinking about doing video blogging for the Cliff blog soon. Watch this space!
If you have some time to kill, please visit my main blog: http://gittegorzelak.blogspot.com where you can view my own video blog entries, not Cliff related but still a bunch of fun.


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This blog will undergo some maintenance for the next ½ hour. Please be patient and come back!

Cliff Photo Album



No hits, what to do, what to do??

Today’s video blog is actually a little cry for help on my part. I am co author of the Cliff Richard blog and it seems to be getting very few hits even though I try my best to update, ping and so on.



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Our ad on Youtube

We’ve created a little video ad for Youtube to attract more visitors here.

Please watch and tell me what you think.

Also if you like this blog, please tell about it to your friends on social networks and in “real life”. We’d really appreciate your help :-)


I was at this party..


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Last night in my dreams. And Cliff was there. I suppose he had crept into my mind because my aunt and her kid managed to get tickets for his concert in Denmark next November and we’ll be going together all three of us (very exciting!) but anyway, I was at this party where I guess he was the host or something and at one point I see him walking towards me with a kid in each hand (???) . So that’s when I take my chance and go “Oh hi Cliff, nice to meet you.”  Then I point to a drawing on a nearby wall and go “Did you draw this yourself”?  Embarrassing right now but it made perfect sense at the time.



He said yes, he drew it. Then we walked together for a bit and suddenly he had to go and that’s when he leaned over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Typical. Even in my dreams it doesn’t go beyond a kiss on the cheek.

If any of you guys have had any Cliff dreams, please share them here, good or bad, funny or boring. Let’s share!







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A new tour date




One more date has been added to the European tour: Wednesday 18 November in Gothenburg, Sweden.   See the Exclusive page on Cliff’s website for details.





Snap_2009.05.30 15.12.56_015 Also, I just wanna apologize for the quiet period here on this blog. I have been out of town for a few days and thus unable to update.

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