Happy new year, fans!

DUBLIN - DECEMBER 5: Musician Sir Cliff Richar...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeWe're back after a nice Christmas and we hope you had a good one, too! There really isn't much on the news side right now but it has been a truly amazing year for Cliff and all us fans.

If you're not on Facebook, well you should be cos you will find lots and lots of Cliff fans there and groups to join to share videos, pics and more. I am even friends with a couple of Cliff impersonators - you can't know too many of those!!
So get on Facebook and we'll see you there for sure.

Have a wonderful new year and we hope 2009 will be as great as the last year.

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Lidt mere fra TV2 Gossip

Så er der lidt om Cliffs genforening med The Shadows på TV2 Gossip. Og et FLOT billede af Cliff !

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Merry Christmas and happy new year

Adoration of the Magi by Don Lorenzo Monaco (1...Image via Wikipedia


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Lidt nyt fra TV2 Gossip

"Cliff planlægger sin begravelse". Hmmm..

Læs artiklen her.

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Cliff & The Shadows at the Royal Variety Performance 2008

This truly gives me goose bumps. Cliff and The Shadows together again on stage - wow what a treat! And they've still got it - Hank Marvin is no doubt the world's best guitar player.

Here's their performance:

Cliff & The Shadows - '2008 Royal VP'

Enjoy - I sure did.

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Giving up on ever seeing Cliff in his undies..

Hi everybody!

Time for some more Cliff Richard news from around the web.

This first piece of news is kind of weird I think. It's the first I have heard of it and part of me can't believe that it was true in the 1st place. Anyway, apparently Cliff had originally said yes to be on the show Celebrity Big Brother if they could promise him that he would have his own bathroom without cameras! And the producers promised set up a bathroom outside the house for him but when they found out this wasn't possible, Cliff declined to take part in the show. Which means that you and I will never get to see him in his underpants. Whether this is good news or bad, we shall never know! Why would he say yes to something like that in the first place? It is a truly awful show, I think.

If you want to read the article, follow this link.

The next article is a little bit about Cliff's thoughts about growing older and keeping fit . This article is here .

The next one is something about the subject I don't know if you heard about . For a while Cliff has been fighting with some other artists about the copyright law and the possibility of earning royalties until the end of their lifetimes . The government rejected this idea back in 2006 but it has now made somewhat of a U-turn so that artists can now earn royalties for 95 years! This is a big victory for Cliff who would otherwise lose earnings from the songs he made in the 50s. You can read the article here.

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Would you like to be our Cliff guest blogger?

DUBLIN - DECEMBER 5: Musician Sir Cliff Richar...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeHi Cliff-fans!

We're looking for a Cliff guest blogger who will sit down once a week to post an article/entry related to Cliff!

You can write about anything you like, perhaps your favorite Cliff song, have you ever met Cliff, if you did meet him what would you ask him, how many cd's do you have, what's your favorite concert memory a.s.o.

If you're interested, pls. leave a comment here on the blog and we'll get back to you.

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Don't spend it all at once!

Cliff doing his Christmas shopping with his sisters:

Cliff Richard | Christmas Shopping | HQ |

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No power in pity

Cliff sings "No power in pity":

No Power In Pity - Cliff Richard

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Lovely Cliff in lycra

I don't know who did the choreography for this particular song at this particular place but it's absolutely horrific, especially the Irish dance popping up now and then. What were they thinking??

Anyway, there's nothing better on a December morning than watching Cliff Richard wiggling around in a pair of very tight lycra shorts.

So here it is, let's keep warm folks!


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Just a pic


Additional dates for Cliff and The Shads tour

Additional Cliff and The Shadows shows have been announced for London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield, plus a return to London (Wembley Arena) at the end of the tour.

People are literally flooding to these concerts (or at least to the ticket offices) because Cliff Richard and The Shadows are a part of our history, our collected memories and we can all remember being certain places at certain times and go "Oh yeah, that's when they played this and that song"..

If you wanna try your luck at booking a ticket, please visit Cliff's official site and click on the Exclusive page.

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Cliff, Bruce and Hank together again

Yay! What a warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see Sir Cliff back with Bruce Welch and Hank Marvin. Three "old" buddies coming together to tour and celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Oh Lord, please let me go to one of those concerts. Have mercy.

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You have been golden

Cliff has made a thank you song for his fans to thank them (well, us) for the support throughout the years.

Here's a clip where he talks about it:

Just a silly still image from the video clip. BARF...LOL.

And here is the song for all of us:

Wow. This definately brings tears to my eyes.

Cliff at Songs of Praise

Here's a Songs of Praise Special about Cliff:

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Some articles for you

Cliff Richard at work!Image by picturepusher via FlickrHey fans! Here are some articles and photos of Sir Cliff:

Photo call promotion celebrating his 50th anniversary.

Cliff Richard: I'm a sexual enigma.

Sir Cliff Richard vows never to reveal his sexuality.

Sir Cliff shrugs off gay rumours.

Sir Cliff Richard still going strong (with video clip).


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Til de danske Cliff-fans/Ud & Se

I denne måned Ud & Se (DSB's månedsblad) er der en helsides annonce om Cliffs nye bog "Mit liv" - der er fine billeder fra bogen :-)

Bladet er gratis og kan hentes på alle DSBs stationer.


Cliff's Time Machine Tour looks awesome, can't wait for the DVD!!

Hep! Some more videos from Cliff's Time Machine Tour:

Mobile Alabama School Leaving Hullabaloo is truly FANTASTIC and check out those dance moves!

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Videos from Cliff's Time Machine concerts

Thank God for Youtube for those of us who haven't been able to see Cliff live on his Time Machine tour yet!

Here are some videos from the concerts:

What a COOL outfit he has on!


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Name 5 of your favorite Cliff Christmas tunes

18-12-05Image by DG Jones via Flickr

Ladies and gentlemen, please name 5 of your favorite Cliff Christmas songs

Here's mine:

Let it snow

Mary's Boy Child

When a child is born

Christmas never comes



I think that for a lot of people, even the two non-Cliff fans out there (we know who you are), Cliff equals Christmas. We can all remember listening to Mistletoe and Wine on the radio in December and recently the FABULOUS Cliff at Christmas album (my personal favorite).

Of course a lot of stars record Christmas albums and it allows us to see a different side of them - right now an Elvis Presley Christmas duets album is out - and if we're Christian, Jewish or Muslim, there's a certain atmosphere and basic belief in the good around Christmas we can join in and believe in, I think.

Here's a Christmas Cliff song for you:

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Let it snow!

It's time for a Christmas song, folks!

Cliff Richard - Let it snow

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Too sexy..LOL

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Merry Christmas

We have a new design and we're still working on getting the links back - that's the bad thing about changing layouts now and then, you lose your links :-(


Anyway, we hope you will enjoy this new colorful look and the naughty teaser on the top right..

Now we enter December and Christmas is sort of the Cliff season, I guess. We want to wish all of our readers a merry Christmas.

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Bestil billetter til Cliff & The Shadows

Man kan bestille billetter til koncerterne med Cliff og The Shadows online på denne side:


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Shirt off, shirt on, shirt off, shirt on..

The man is a tease.

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