Name 5 of your favorite Cliff Christmas tunes

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Ladies and gentlemen, please name 5 of your favorite Cliff Christmas songs

Here's mine:

Let it snow

Mary's Boy Child

When a child is born

Christmas never comes



I think that for a lot of people, even the two non-Cliff fans out there (we know who you are), Cliff equals Christmas. We can all remember listening to Mistletoe and Wine on the radio in December and recently the FABULOUS Cliff at Christmas album (my personal favorite).

Of course a lot of stars record Christmas albums and it allows us to see a different side of them - right now an Elvis Presley Christmas duets album is out - and if we're Christian, Jewish or Muslim, there's a certain atmosphere and basic belief in the good around Christmas we can join in and believe in, I think.

Here's a Christmas Cliff song for you:

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