Our new comment system

A map of Earth showing lines of latitude (hori...Image via WikipediaA bit about our new comment system:

Right at the top of our blog, you will find the navigator - naturally to be used to navigate our blog - DUH!

First you will see the top picks, meaning the highest rated entries on our blog.

Then there's the hot button which will - in time - show the most visited entries.

Next there's the picks button which shows the URL's we visit mostly.

Next button is a poll that will of course change now and then - we will use it as a tool to find out stuff about our visitors and how they like the blog.

Last but not least there's the comment button which will show the latest comments to our entries.

From now on when you comment on our blog, you will be able to add smileys, your own photos and the last entry on your own blog will be shown.

It should be commenting more fun!

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