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Facebook, Inc.Check out TotallyCliff on Facebook, Image via WikipediaSO sorry for not posting here for so long. I've had some problems at my private journal site but it's up and running now and I can concentrate on Sir Cliff once again.

I'm starting out with kind of a personal thing. This song always reminds me of my boyfriend who is right now over-seas.

Cliff news, you ask? If you're seriously fast, you can win Cliff's Time Machine Tour dvd here. All you have to do is name five Cliff songs. Easy for any Cliff fan! Deadline is January 30th so hurry!

Finally I want to promote one of my Facebook buddies. He's doing Cliff tribute shows:

Here he's singing "Twelfth of Never". Go to Facebook, search for TotallyCliff and add him as a buddy if you enjoy his performance!

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