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For a while now I've been considering to start blogging in English in here sometimes. Sir Cliff has a huge fan base in Denmark and we are under the impression that people love to read about him but obviously the problem is that when we only blog in Danish, there is a limit to how many hits we get.

So from now on you are gonna find some entries in English here. We will, however, continue blogging in Danish as well for those readers who don't understand English. When my friend and I started this blog a while back, we were so excited to share our love and admiration for Cliff and we still are - it is always nice when you can share your love of music with somebody else but the idea of this blog is not only to have a place for admiring fans to celebrate Cliff's music - it is also a way to promote his music to new generations.

That's why today I want to write a small bio about Cliff and his music career. Obviously it would be too great a task to cover everything that Cliff has done during the last five decades but it will give visitors an idea what kind of person Cliff is and how he has been able to maintain a career within a business that is so difficult to survive in.

Cliff Richard wasn't born Cliff Richard. He was born in India on 14 October 1940 as Harry Rodger Webb. After the Indian independence in 1947 Cliff moved with his family to Britain. One of Cliff's big inspirations in the music world was Elvis Presley and that's when he decided he wanted to become a singer. With his backing group The Shadows he dominated the British music scene in the late 1950s and 1960s. Cliff was kind of Britain's answer to Elvis Presley - that is until he appeared on the Oh Boy show with Jack Good as the producer. Jack Good invented the Cliff Richard with the smoldering eyes and the hand on his shoulder.Cliff has always said that it was Jack Good who made Cliff Richard.

In the 1960s Cliff Richard converted to Christianity and his music softened. It could've been the end of Cliff's music career and for while he did contemplate leaving the music world and becoming perhaps the teacher. He did, however, find a way to maintain his career whilst being a Christian and he even starred in a Billy Graham movie called "Two a penny". Cliff's career has had its ups and downs but this year he celebrates his 50th anniversary and he has made UK singles charts during the past five decades, he has sold hundreds of millions, he produces his own wine and he has a hard-core fan base and a mansion in Barbados.

His new book "My life, my way" is a bestseller perhaps partly due to the fact that nobody really knows Cliff. He is an enigma and he kind of likes it that way. The British press has not been very kind to him especially during the past few years. Radio stations have banned his music and for years now the press has been speculating whether or not Cliff is gay.

This question has been returned to sender and Cliff has stopped answering. He seems to be just happy with the publicity it gets him. I think he's perfectly entitled to not answer - his private life stays his private life and at the end of the day he can look back on a 50 year career and go to bed saying "I am Cliff Richard and you are not".

Here on our blog we would like to congratulate Cliff on 50 years of magnificent music!

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