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Last night in my dreams. And Cliff was there. I suppose he had crept into my mind because my aunt and her kid managed to get tickets for his concert in Denmark next November and we’ll be going together all three of us (very exciting!) but anyway, I was at this party where I guess he was the host or something and at one point I see him walking towards me with a kid in each hand (???) . So that’s when I take my chance and go “Oh hi Cliff, nice to meet you.”  Then I point to a drawing on a nearby wall and go “Did you draw this yourself”?  Embarrassing right now but it made perfect sense at the time.



He said yes, he drew it. Then we walked together for a bit and suddenly he had to go and that’s when he leaned over and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Typical. Even in my dreams it doesn’t go beyond a kiss on the cheek.

If any of you guys have had any Cliff dreams, please share them here, good or bad, funny or boring. Let’s share!







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